Cosplay Pre Reg now open. Click here to register!
Cosplay Registration will take place on Friday from 6:00-8:00 and Saturday from 11:45-3:00.


We are accepting craftsmanship and exhibition walk-ons in the Cosplay Contest. If you want your costume to be judged on how well it was made, you will want to enter craftsmanship judging. If you didn’t make your costume, or it is ineligible for judging, you can still walk across the stage as an exhibition walk-on. All entries must pre-register online at the registration table at-con if there are times still availabke. If you are getting your costume judged, you will also sign up for a judging time.

Craftsmanship Judging

During your judging session, you will tell the judges how you made your costume. All entrants will receive a 5 minute allowance to explain the creation of their costume(s). Please bring a reference photo of your character, regardless of how popular the character is. Printed images are strongly preferred. Progress photos are also highly encouraged. Proving that you made your costume yourself is as important as having a good costume.

Craftsmanship Rules

Western and Eastern costumes are both allowed, as long as the costume artwork is official. Original designs, including Pokemon gijinkas, unofficial genderbends, etc. are not allowed to be judged for craftsmanship.
At least (50% Beginner, 75% Advanced) of the costume had to be made from scratch by the creator. Commissioned costumes and thrifted costumes are not eligible to be judged for craftsmanship. If someone assisted in making a large portion of the costume, they must be present for judging.
A costume that has won a major award is not eligible for craftsmanship judging, regardless of the division, or the size of the convention. If the costume was remade, at least 75% of the costume must have been remade after the award was received. A major award includes any “Best of Division” (novice, journeyman or master) awards.
Only one craftsmanship entry is allowed per person. If you made multiple costumes for multiple people, they have to enter as a group.


Costumes and skits must be PG-13. Cursing, sexual or explicit content, and obscene gestures are not permitted.
Skits that run on longer than the allotted time will be disqualified from any awards. For this reason, we encourage you to pre-record your skits unless it absolutely must be performed live (such as playing an instrument). All skits are strictly limited to a 3 minute time allowance.
No live steel or firearms, incendiary devices, or messy substances will be permitted.
There is a limit of 8 people per skit group. Our stage is usually not very large, so keep that in mind when blocking your skit. You may not be able to get the entire group on stage at once.
What goes on stage with you must come off stage as you leave.
A skit that has won a major award is not eligible to compete, regardless of the division, or the size of the convention. A major award includes any “Best of Division” (novice, journeyman & master) awards.
Each competitor is only allowed to compete in one skit.
All pre-recorded audio MUST either be on a 1-track CD in a playable form (mp3, etc…), or alone on a USB drive. We suggest CDs, because we cannot be responsible if your USB drive gets lost. We cannot transfer files for you, nor can we search through your tracks or files. We cannot start a track at a specific time, or end it early. The track must be completely set up to where tech only has to hit play. We will not accept music on DVDs, SD cards, or phones.


Exhibition- Non-competing. Choose this division if you did not make your costume, if it does not meet the requirements, or if you just want to show it off on stage and not have it judged. Skits may not enter this division.
Novice: 0-1 major awards, up to 3 minor awards. Enter this division if you have little to moderate experience with costuming.
Journeyman: 2+ major awards, up to 6 minor awards. Enter this division if you have moderate to advanced experience with costuming.
Master: If you normally enter Masters at other conventions, let Cosplay Staff know so they can place you in Masters if Masters is available. Cosplay Staff will determine if Masters will be available each year on a case by case basis.

Cosplay Staff reserves the right to bump a competitor into a higher division based on experience or previous awards.
Enter in the level of the highest person in your group.
If you have any other questions, please e-mail us at