Final Fantasy Formal Ball

Triad will have a themed Formal Ball. As you may have guessed from the title, the theme is Final Fantasy. Most music will be from the Final Fantasy genre. Final Fantasy cosplays are encouraged but not required. We also encourage those who wish, to wear formal interpretations of their favorite cosplays to help in creating a truly memorable evening.

This event is a formal event. It can be formal Western style, formal Asian, formal cosplay, or ANY Final Fantasy cosplay.

For all non-Final Fantasy cosplays an outfit needs to meet these requirements:

For the Girls:
1. The Skirts need to be knee length or longer.
2. Any slit in the skirt should not be higher than the tips of your fingers when your arms are at your sides.
3. No bare mid-drifts, holes, mesh or other sheer materials.
4. No low cut, plunging necklines, or dresses that expose too much chest.
5. Strapless dresses are welcome as long as they are well fitting and will not slip down.
6. Dress suits are welcome.
7. Dress shoes, including but not limited to, sandals, pumps, flats, and boots. Please no sneakers, flip flops, or otherwise informal attire.
8. Under garments should not be visible.

For the Boys:

1. Dress pants only please. No jeans or cargos.
2. Collared dress shirts. (Should be worn at all times)
3. Ties, bowties, cravats, or other formal neckwear.
4. Suits are welcome.
5. No T-shirts including ones with a tux printed on the front.
6. Formal dress shoes and boots only. No sneakers or flip flops.
7. Under garments should not be visible.

1. No school girl outfits. Male school attire is okay as long as it looks formal.
2. Should resemble formal attire.
3. Dress Military uniforms are welcome.
4. No big props. (swords, wings, staffs)
5. Japanese clothing, Lolita, and other Asian formal wear is also welcome as long as it meets the guidelines.
6. Under garments should not be visible.

Safety Precautions:
1. Avoid trains. They can be stepped on.
2. Make sure you can dance in your shoes.
3. Again, no props.
4. Make sure your cosplay is not going to injure those dancing around you. (No sharp spikes.)