Update to Triad Anime Con 2020

Hey everyone,
Though physically the convention is Canceled for the year, we have a plan to give some community and positivity to anyone who needs it. We have decided that we are going to make an online convention in a way. Here we’re going to list any of our dealers and artists that have online stores, have a recorded version of the cosplay contest to premiere with clips from all the entries (if you submitted please look for an email from cosplay soon about it), and also make a scheduling doc of “panels”. Here we will include streams from some of the guests, panelist groups, and any attendees who want to stream either their panel or even just a watch party. Fill out the form below and programming will get to work!

ALL PRE-REG BADGES WILL BE REFUNDED AS FAST AS IT WILL LET US. And this online convention will be completely free in a time when we just want to give out happiness.
Look out for more details as we have them available, and thank you for your patience.