If this is your first anime con, or if you’re a seasoned con veteran, welcome to Triad Anime Convention! We offer a wide range of fun events, panel discussions on your favorite fan-topics, workshops and so much more! There is literally something for everyone to enjoy during the weekend. Here is just a small preview of what we have to offer for the 2014 year.

A virtual marriage of lights and sound, which is sure to please any who wish to dance the night away. We bring in Djs from all over that perform a wide variety of musical styles. TAC’s dances are sure to have something for everyone.
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Events & Panels
TAC is proud to offer a wide assortment of programming during the course of our convention, a lot of which is run by our very own attendees. We offer a variety of interactive events and game shows, as well as panels that range from academic discussions to fan meetups and gatherings. TAC also offers panels that range from cosplay instructional, video games, zombie survival and random geekiness.
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Guest Panels
During the course of the weekend, our featured guests will participate in an assortment of programming options, which include question and answer sessions, anime specific discussions and interactive events. Our guests will also be available for signing autographs over the course of the weekend.
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Kick back and play some rockband with friends, or destroy your rivals in the latest console fighter. We strive to offer a variety of video game systems, and games from current gen to retro. Join in a tournament and win prizes!
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Dealer Room
Whether you’re looking for that figure of your favorite character, or wanting to pickup a copy of that new series your friends have been telling you about, the dealer room is the place to find it! If you are interested in dealer space, please click here for information
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Artist Alley
Each year at TAC, artist gather to display their hand crafted items for all to see! You can find anything from beautifully hand drawn prints, to custom made jewelry, or even a handmade plushie! Many artists also accept commissions on the spot as well in case you had something else you were looking for. If you are interested in an Artist Alley spot, please click here for more information.
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