Apply to be a Cosplay Judge!

Are you passionate about cosplay and have a keen eye for craftsmanship and performance? We are officially accepting applications to join our panel of cosplay judges!


  • In-depth knowledge of cosplay craftsmanship and/or performance aspects at a master level.
  • Previous experience judging cosplay contests is preferred but not mandatory.
  • A commitment to impartiality and fairness in evaluating contestants.


  • Evaluate contestants based on craftsmanship, construction, attention to detail, accuracy, creativity and overall presentation.
  • Assess performance elements such as presentation, interaction, creativity, technical, and reception.
  • Provide constructive feedback to contestants to encourage growth in their craft.
  • Collaborate with fellow judges to ensure a fair and enjoyable competition.

How to Apply:

If you think you meet the requirements and are interested in being a part of our cosplay contest judging panel, please submit your application through the link below to be considered for future conventions.