Artist Alley

Artist alley will be open for the following hours:
Friday 2pm-8pm
Saturday 10am – 7pm
Sunday 10am -2pm

You may begin checking in for setup in con ops Friday at 12:30pm.

AA rules for 2024

-Artist Alley tables are $85 and come with (1) 3day badge. You may purchase an additional 3day badge for $30.

-We will close submissions on December 18th 2023, and begin notifying artists of their acceptance on December 31st.

-Artist Alley hours coincide with the hours that the Dealer Room is open to the public. You may sell from your table outside of those hours, but we only _guarantee_ your access to your table during those hours.

-Crafted items are permitted, as long as they are handmade and not manufactured by someone else.

-Fanart is permitted but it must be of your own creation and not eyeballed/traced/referenced off of pre-existing work. If we are contacted by a copyright holder in regards to any infringement by an artist, we will assist the holder to stop the sale of the item/s in question and the artist will be held liable.

-There is a very strict no-pedophilia policy and that includes imagery pertaining to pedobear as well.

-If you are selling anything 18+ you must not have it openly visible and you must ID people who wish to look at it.