• Panelist Guest Announcement: Goblins & Growlers

    Professional Dungeon Masters and Podcasters,
    Goblins and Growlers create and host inclusive community-building tabletop live adventures, award-winning TTRPG content, live performances, and fundraisers for local charities with their diverse team of performers, game masters, artists, and audio/visual engineers.

    They’ve raised tens of thousands for charities, run thousands of community-building TTRPG games for local business, guested at conventions such as DragonCon, GalaxyCon & Queen City Anime Con. They have also won awards for writing and designing our own original tabletop adventures!

    Goblins and Growlers co-produces “Quid Pro Roll,” the only improv actual-play podcast with a cast of all professional game masters, along with their partners at Alpha Comics & Games. This podcast is the flagship program of GnG Studios, which also includes The Goblins and Growlers Podcast, Goblin Book Club, Dungeons & Doodles, and more~

  • Wild Bill’s Soda

    This year we welcome back Wild Bills Soda to Triad Anime Con. As you’re walking through the Dealer’s Hall this year stop by Wild Bills Soda to quench your thirst and recharge. A proudly Veteran Owned and Operated business, Wild Bill’s Sodas are “brewed with pure cane sugar, steering clear of that high fructose corn syrup hullabaloo. They’re gluten-free, caffeine-free, and fit for all our vegan pals.”

  • Performance Guest Announcement: Huskie

    Huskie, born Dustin Jenkins, is a 29-year-old future riddim and free form bass-inspired music artist hailing from Columbia, SC. Known for Experimental bass and Dubstep, Huskie is making waves in the music scene with his distinctive sound and captivating performances.

    In 2023, Huskie made his mark with the debut single titled “Fresh Outta Patience.” The single garnered attention for its unique voiceline and marked Huskie’s breakthrough in the industry. 

    With a signature style that seamlessly blends Free Form Bass with Riddim and dubstep using thought-provoking lyrics, and energetic beats, Huskie continues to push artistic boundaries. Fans appreciate his ability to Freestyle and bring something new and interesting to every set he plays.

  • Performance Guest Announcement: Likely Vain

    Likely Vain is a brother and sister DJ duo based in Raleigh, NC. Formed in 2023 they set out to provide high energy shows and bring the best vibes everywhere they go. With a vibrant mix of Bass house to Dubstep there is something for everyone at a Likely Vain show!

  • Guest Panelist Announcement: Samurai Dan

    The husband and wife team of Daniel and Jillian Coglan are full-time martial art instructors, running a traditional samurai training center in Iowa, and have a combined 35 years of experience.

    Beyond their martial skills, the dynamic duo collaborated to write, direct, host, and star in a 12 episode TV series entitled, “The Way of The Samurai.”

    Daniel is also an author, with several martial art articles published, and is currently working on his second full-length novel.

  • Panelist Guest Announcement: Paradox Panels

    Paradox Panels is a group of weirdos from North Carolina who host panels up and down the East Coast. Paradox has been presenting quality panels on anime, K-pop, adult content, and more since 2018.

  • Panelist Guest Announcement: Marie Pouler

    Marie is a career academic and college professor who loves cosplay, fan culture, and educating people on new and exciting ideas and little known facts about humanity. Marie loves running panels and teaching con-goers something about the shows and fan works that they love and consume. Marie really believes in academic programming and that everyone can learn something, especially if it is about a more obscure discipline like Queer Theory that is so invisibly entrenched in our culture.

    Marie received her Doctorate from the University of Hertfordshire December 2018, and her Master’s Degree from the University of North Carolina Charlotte in 2015. Marie’s specializations are in Gender and Queer Theory as well as Fan Culture, and Children’s Literature with a minor concentration in Racial Studies and Religious Studies (from a theoretical and historical perspective). Marie currently works as an English professor at ECPI University in Charlotte.

  • Panelist Guest Announcement: Borderline Panels

    Borderline Panels is an NC-based panelist who volunteers at anime conventions across the region. Borderline has hosted panels, game shows and other events at cons since 2014, and is very excited to attend Ichibancon this year!

  • Guest Announcement: Tyson Rinehart

    Tyson Rinehart’s breakout role was as lovable hacker Daru in Steins;Gate. He is also known for his work as Bartolomeo in One Piece, Wrestler- extraordinaire Genzo Shibata in Kemono Michi: Rise Up, Matsuda in High School DxD, and the Devil Ape himself, Enji Koma in Tokyo Ghoul.

    Recent roles include Ranga in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Potrof in Black Clover, Kou Minamoto in Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, Tristan the Bad in Appare-Ranman!, Doan in Plunderer, Shinya Ozeki in Hinomaru Sumo, Geek in AFTERLOST, Cassarale in Dragon Ball Super, Luke in Ai no Kusabi, and Papa Shirogane in Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

    His work in video games includes Cabrakan and Dark Lord Sun Wukong from SMITE, Hogarth in Orcs Must Die! Unchained, and Casino Bandit/etc. in Borderlands 3.

    Tyson has worked extensively as an ADR scriptwriter, providing English language dialogue for shows like High School DxD New, Prison School, Rilakkuma & Kaoru, Back Street Girls: Gokudols, VINLAND SAGA, and Kuroko’s

    Tyson also has several directing credits to his name, counting such titles as One Piece, Combatants Will Be Dispatched!, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, Strike Witches: Road to Berlin, and MARS RED.

    When he’s not working on some aspect of dubbing, or parenting a toddler, Tyson wastes a lot of his time on video games and his B-movie inspired punk band, Bullet Machine (available on most streaming music services).