General Cosplay Information

Costume Rules

  1. Costumes must be appropriate for wear in public. No public indecency. We are a family-friendly event.
  2. No hateful, offensive, or provocative symbols, designs or text are to appear on your costume.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings, especially with large, bulky, and extravagant costumes and props.
  4. Do not block hallways, passageways, or exits for photos. Please step to the side. Please do not climb on or take photos on property that is not yours, and you do not have permission to utilize!
  5. Please try to plan your visits to crowded rooms such as Artist Alley and the Dealer Room when you are in less bulky costumes or plain clothes. Please step to the side and do not block vendor tables or place your belongings on them if asked for photos. You may be asked by staff to take photos outside due to crowd control.
  6. Be cool and kind to eachother. Harassment is not tolerated. Cosplay is not Consent.

Saturday Cosplay Contest

This is it, the big event! Cosplayers at Triad Anime Con compete for prizes based on their hard work and dedication in craftsmanship or performance! It’s also the best place to see amazing costumes on stage and get photos!

Rules for Cosplay Contest Particpants:

Be polite and courteous:

We ask that everyone be kind and courteous to each other and cosplay staff.

Entrants who are rude, hostile, harass or stalk cosplay staff, judges, and/or other cosplayers will be removed from the event lineup. They may be disqualified from entering future events. This extends to online interactions before and after the event.

No-show/No-Contact = Disqualification:

Everyone is expected to show up to appointed times such as judging sessions, mandatory green-room seating, and performance rehearsals. Failure to show up on time without communication may result in disqualification or removal from the line-up. If you feel like you may be running late, please let us know ahead of time. If you show up late to an in-person judging appointment, we can try to squeeze you in, but this is not guaranteed. You may be placed in the exhibition category for walk-ons or disqualified for the best in show award if you miss your judging time!

Mandatory Masquerade “Green Room”

This is labeled as “setup” one hour before the Cosplay Contest on the guidebook, web schedule or paper schedule.

You must appear on time, as it is imperative that we get everyone seated and arranged in order as quickly as possible and go over instructions for the event. If you are going to be late, please communicate this beforehand or send someone to hold your place. If you are not there or have someone holding your spot for you when your name is called, you will be considered a no-show and disqualified for any awards you may have won during pre-deliberation.


An exception will be made for any emergency situation. In the case of an accident or emergency, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make arrangements.

How to sign up:

There are two types of entries you can choose from:

You will have about 30 seconds to walk on stage, pose for the audience and cameras and walk off. It’s a great way to show off your costume and be seen (with fancy stage lighting!). There is no speaking involved, and is great for those who get stage fright.

Performances are 1-4 minutes in length. These typically involve a skit, dance routine, or some other rehersed live performance. You should know exactly what you are doing and have audio prepared at the time you submit!

Competition Information & Signup:

Coming soon!